A Flexible, Low-Cost Way to Borrow Money

You could save thousands of dollars a year and easily manage your credit with a Royal Credit Line.

Key Features

A Royal Credit Line could save you money and time, and help you easily manage your credit. Here are some of the valuable benefits that you can enjoy:

Everyday low rate

Save thousands of dollars a year in interest—rates are typically lower than those offered by credit cards.

No annual fee

Plus, there is no fee to withdraw funds.1disclaimer

24/7 access

Withdraw funds at the ATM, write cheques2disclaimer from your account, or transfer money through RBL Online Banking.

Reuse available credit

Once you pay down your balance—no need to re-apply.

Flexible payment options

Make just the minimum payment3, or pay more to reduce your balance. You can also make changes to your payment account, payment amount, payment frequency or payment due date through RBL Online Banking.


LoanProtector® life and disability or critical illness insurance provides protection for you and your family.

A Range of Financing Options to Meet Your Home Improvement Goals

Whether you're planning a major home renovation or a small project, at RBL RoyalL®, we offer financing options to meet all your home improvement needs. Before recommending a solution, we'll look at the cost of your renovation, whether you need all the money upfront, how much time you need to repay your loan and more.

"Whatever your Someday is, we can help make it happen with a range of solutions designed to help you pay down debt and improve your cash flow."

A Flexible Borrowing Solution That Gives You a Little Extra Breathing Room

RBL gives you 2 years after you finish school before you have to start repaying your loan with full access to your credit line during the grace period.

With our competitive rates and flexible limits, there’s a Student Line of Credit that’s right for you!